Hear excerpts of the Selihoth
Recorded live at Midrash BEN ISH HAI,
with the Hakham Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe, hy"w.
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quality extended play
audio cassette of the
ENTIRE Selihoth, by
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Excerpts of the Selihoth, recorded live Click on selection below
Rahum Wehannun (Hatanu Lefanekha) click here
Shomer Yisrael click here
E-l Rahum Shemakh click here
Shema' Yisrael - H' Melekh click here
Abinu Malkenu click here
Y-ah Shema' Ebyonekha click here
H' Honnenu (Ubsefer Hayyim) click here
Lema'ankha click here



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