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Parashath BereshithParashath Nowah

     Parashath Lekh Lekha     Sold

Parashath Wayyera

Parashath Hayyei Sarah

Parashath Toldoth

Parashath Wayyesei

Parashath Wayyishlah

Parashath Wayyesheb

Parashath Miqqes

Parashath Wayyiggash

Parashath Wayhi

From Sefer Shemoth/Exodus:

Parashath Shemoth

Parashath Waera

Parashath Bo

     Parashath Beshallah     Sold

Parashath Yithro

Parashath Mishpatim

Parashath Terumah

Parashath Tetzawweh

Parashath Ki Thisa

Parashath Wayyaqhel

Parashath Pequdei

From Sefer Wayyiqra/Leviticus:

Parashath Wayyiqra

Parashath Saw

Parashath Shemini

Parashath Tazria‘

Parashath Taharoth

Parashath Aharei Moth

Parashath Qedoshim

Parashath Emor

Parashath Behar Sinai

Parashath Beheqqothai

From Sefer Bammidbar/Numbers:

Parashath Bammidbar

     Parashath Naso     Sold

Parashath Beha’alothkha

Parashath Shelah Lekha

Parashath Qorah

Parashath Huqqath

Parashath Balaq

Parashath Pinhas

Parashath Mattoth

Parashath Mas’ei

From Sefer Debarim/Deuteronomy:

Parashath Debarim

Parashath WaEth-hannan

Parashath ‘Eqeb

Parashath Re-eh

Parashath Shoftim

Parashath Ki Theisei

Parashath Ki Thabo

Parashath Nisabim

Parashath Wayyelekh

Parashath Haazinu

Parashath Wezoth HaBerakha

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