In America today, forces of assimilation have had a disastrous effect on those of Sephardi ancestry, the likes of which they have never known. The glory of the Sepharadim and their illustrious Hakhamim appears to be vanishing before our eyes.

Mosei Simhath TorahAfter Simhath Torah at the Midrash

Midrash BEN ISH HAI, pursuing its vision for the future, has been working hard, for the last ten years, to restore the authentic, glorious heritage of the Sepharadim. We are creating future leaders lay leaders and Torah scholars who will lead our people into the coming century. The Midrash places much emphasis on following the authentic customs, laws and traditions that were practiced by the Sepharadim a couple or more generations ago. A special effort is made to reach out to those who came from, but have forgotten our age-old traditions and heritage.

Hakham Ribbi Ya'aqob Manasseh and MembersMembers of the Midrash under the spiritual leadership of the Hakham Ribbi Ya'aqob Menashe.

Named after one of the greatest Hakhamim of our recent past, Midrash BEN ISH HAI has developed into a truly multi-faceted organization. As part of the preservation and rejuvenation of our traditions, the Midrash (to list but a few of its services) holds regular classes for all ages, for men and for women, separately and combined, lectures and community functions for children and adults. Daily prayers, three times a day in accordance with our tradition are, at times, conducted by young teens.

Midrash Men & Boys choirThe Midrash BEN ISH HAI Men & Boys Choir, pictured at the New York Hilton.

The Midrash, firm in its belief that children are the future of our people and the guarantors of our continuity, has always placed special emphasis on the children and the youth. And as part of our vision to create new generations of Sepharadi leaders, we are proud and grateful to announce the opening of the Midrash High School for boys.

The Midrash High School provides the highest standards of education in both the religious world of the Sepharadi Jewish people and, with equal emphasis, the General Studies Program. We strive to blend the worlds of Torah and Miswoth with the highest values of the American democratic heritage and western civilization through a well-structured scholastic program.

Midrash BEN ISH HAI, located at Rego Park, Queens.




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