Sale of Hames (Leaven)

Please note: this sale is only valid as long as it was submitted before the time that no more benefit may be derived from Hames in your time zone, even if you receive a confirmation of receipt.

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Provide the addresses of the premises where the Hames owned by you may be found.
(This should include, as applicable, home, office, store, factory, country home, etc.)
To sell Hames on behalf of others (children, parents, in-laws, etc., please use separate forms).

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By clicking the "I agree - Continue" button, you affirm that you have read this delegation of Power of Attorney for the Sale of Hames, agree with its terms and conditions and hereby appoint Rabbi Ya'aqob Menashe to effect the sale of your Hames as described in this document.

Please note: the Hames sold can be used again 1 hour after the end of Pesah in New York City, or in your location, whichever is LATER.


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