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105th Historic Hillula Journal Ad Blank

105th Historic Hillula of the Ben Ish Hai

Morenu, Rabbenu,
Hakham Yosef Hayyim, ‘a"h.


And Benefit Dinner.

Monday Sept. 8 (13th/14th Elul, 5774)

More details will be available soon. Now is your chance to place an ad in the commemorative journal.

Souvenir Journal

Benefactor Page $50,000 Includes 40 VIP Banquet Reservations.*
Founder Page $36,000 Includes 30 VIP Banquet Reservations.*
Patron Page $18,000 Includes 20 VIP Banquet Reservations.*
Platinum Page $10,100 Includes 15 Banquet Reservations.*
Emerald Page $5,200 Includes 10 Banquet Reservations.*
Diamond Page $3,600 Includes 6 Banquet Reservations.*
Gold Page $1,800 Includes 4 Banquet Reservations.*
Silver Page $1,010 Includes 2 Banquet Reservations.*
Full Page $520
Half Page $260
Quarter Page $101
Banquet Reservation/per person $180
Young Professionals/Singles Banquet Reservation $101
* All donations are tax deductible except for $36 per served dinner, for goods and services provided.


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