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Rabbanith Ruth Menashe: Rahel Immenu (5774)

Rabbanith Ruth Menashe - Rahel Immenu[1]

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A Special Opportunity to be Part of an Inspiring Evening for Ladies’ and Girls with
Rabbanith Ruth Menashe

of Midrash BEN ISH HAI

on the night of the passing of Rahel Immenu, a”h
who will give a special Shi’ur about our beloved Matriarch

Rahel Immenu, ‘a”h.

Date: Monday evening, Oct. 14
Sushi and Refreshments: 8:00 p.m., Lecture: 8:30 p.m.

17 Maple Drive, (upper level)
Great Neck, NY
Plenty of parking in the parking lot behind the GN Arts Center.

Bring a Lady Friend!

Admission Free
Refreshments & Sushi Served

For more information, please call
(516) 487-6676 x 123



Rache Immenu Yahrzeit, Rochel Immenu, shiur by rebbetzin ruth menashe on rachel immenu

  1. [Image]: http://www.midrash.org//images/lectures/rabbanith-ruth-menashe/rabbanith-ruth-menashe_rahel-immenu-5774.jpg