H”R Mordechai Eliyahu, ‘a”h

Hakham Mordechai Eliyahu, ‘a”h.
5689-5770 (1929-2010)

HaRab (HaRav) Mordekhai Eliyahu, 'a"h

Hakham Yoseph Hayyim, 'a"hHakham Mordechai Eliyahu, ‘a”h, was the son of a great Kabbalist (Qabbalist), Hakham Silman Eliyau, ‘a”h. Contrary to the original plan of his family, Hakham Silman devoted his life to the study of Judaism and became a great Rabbi and Kabbalist, diligently following the teachings of Hakham Yoseph Hayyim, ‘a”h, the Ben Ish Hai.

He moved from his home in Baghdad to the Land of Israel, where Hakham Mordechai Eliyahu, his son was born. Unfortunately, Hakham Mordechai was a young man, not yet Bar Miswah (he was only eleven years old) when his father passed away.

Hakham Mordechai Eliyahu, ‘a”h, continued in his religious studies. One of his mentors was the great Hakham, Rab Yishaq Nissim, ‘a”h. Hakham Mordechai continued his association with Rab Nissim and was very involved in the Yeshibah and Beth Midrash “Yad Nissim” which was created in honor of Harab Nissim.

Rab Yishaq Nissim (Yitzchak Nissim)Rab Mordechai Eliyahu, ‘a”h, was the Chief Rabbi of Israel and wrote works which are highly sought after, including siddurim, and Darkhei Tahara, a detailed work on family purity.

He diligently followed the teachings of the great Hakham Yoseph Hayyim of Baghdad, ‘a”h, the Ben Ish Hai. His opinion in matters of Halakha was sought after by people worldwide.

He leaves behind a wife and four children and the whole Jewish nation who have lost a great leader.

Tihye Nishmatho Serura Bisror Hahayyim, Amen.

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