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zeezabear (Zeezabear)

Sunday, February 01, 2004 - 07:14 pm Click here to edit this post
Hello to all. I am seeking some help with a dream I had. It was like no other I ever dreamed before. It happened a month ago and I am still deeply moved by it and am seeking for help in information about it's context as it seems to have a significant Godly meaning, regarding "lost tribes of Jacob". I am not Jewish, therefore I came to post this on this Jewish board that I found through MSN search. I am in hopes that may know what any of this means I appreciate your educated insight as I am at a loss.

Dream: I was at my friend Marilyn's house. She was behind me in another room that was ajoined to the one I was in. She was laughing while doing dishes, or something behind me. I was on my knees throughout the entire dream, with my back to her. In front of me was her jewelry box filled with all types of jewelry. The jewelry box was sitting on some kind of table or ottoman bigger than the jewelry box itself. I was seperating the jewelry according to their kind. There were about 3 types of jewelry: junk, good quality costume, and gold. Then I picked up some solid white marbles and I placed those on my right, completely seperate of all the other jewely. I continued to sort and seperate. When I was finished I pick up the white marbles. When I did, I examined them closely and saw there were red and blue designs in them. The designs were ancient Holy writing, as engraved and not made by mans hands. I heard words spoken to me "These are the Lost Tribes of Jacob". It was then, my spirit knew these were the greatest value of anything in the entire world or universe. My instinct was to protect them from Marilyn, and from those in high positions that would exploit them, abuse them and/or make merchandise of them. I knew I had to protect them by taking them without Marilyn's knowledge. She did not even know (or had forgotten) they were there. Suddenly, a soft cloth appeared in my hands. It was made entirely of Mother of Pearl. On the outside was the color and texture of the outer shell of mother of pearl (yet it was pliable and soft), and on the inside was the white irridencence of Mother of Pearl. I placed the marbles into the center of the cloth, then took (two by two) each of the four corners of the cloth and tied them together with the marbles in the center. I knew I had to get them to a safe place until I could find out where God wanted me to hide them, for they were to be kept hidden - they were the *highest value of holy things (*sorry, lack of a better word for an impression), but at the same time I felt that it was wrong to steal.
*There just arent' any human words to describe the intensity of how precious these were! How holy they were. I do not recall the number of marbles but if I had to guess I'd say between 5-8 (definately not 12).

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