Send a Multi-Media Greeting Card in a few easy steps.
 It couldn't be easier to send an electronic greeting to a friend, colleague or loved one. Just follow the steps (marked in red) below. You will be shown a preview before you send the card and you will have the chance to make any changes you like or even cancel it. The recipient will receive an e-mail telling them you sent the card and how to retrieve it.
Step 1: Select a Picture.
Please select a picture from any one of the categories below by clicking the Radio Button below its name. 

Categories include: Judaism Related - Miscellaneous - Your Home Town - Life Cycle - Jewish Holidays - Rosh Hashana/Yom Kippur - SukkothSimhath Beth HashoebahSimhath Torah - Hanukkah - Tu Bishbat (Ilanoth) - Purim - Pesah (Passover) - Lagh La'Omer - Shabu'oth


Judaism Related
 Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Sefer Torah Kothel 1 Kothel 2 Open Sefer Menorah Hurbah

Miscellaneous Images
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Beach Bonfire Mountain Food Sunset Waterfall

Your Home Town
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Israel USA Great Britain France India Australia
Life Cycle

Life Cycle1
Cartoons are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Baby Boy Baby Girl New Baby Tefillin Wedding Sympathy

Most are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Hanukkah1 Hannukkah2 Hanukkah3 Tizku Hanukkah4 Hanukkah5

Tu Bishbat - Purim
Some are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Tu Bishbat1 Fruit1 Tu Bishbat3 Purim1 Purim2 Tizku

Pesah (Passover)
Some are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Haggadah Pesah1 Massah 4Cups SentakKhedra MaNishtana

Lagh La'Omer - Shabu'oth
Some are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Zohar Count Shabuoth (Shab) 'Eser (Shab) Kahi Tizkoo2

Rosh Hashanah - Yom Kippur
Some are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Inscribe Scales Apple/Sugar Shofar Pomegranate Tizku

Sukkoth - Shemin 'Asereth - Simhath Torah
Some are animated. Click on thumbnail to see picture.

Sukkoth 4 species Ushpizin Hashoebah Simhath 1 Simhath 2
Step 2: From and To fields.
Please enter the from and to names and e-mail addresses for the card. 

Please ensure that the recipient's address is correct!

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Step 3: Select your preferred text and background colors.
Using the two pull-down buttons below, please select your text and background colors. Please use contrasting colors, such as Yellow on Blue or Black on White (default). Blue on purple, or the like, will look terrible.
Text Color
Background Color
Step 4: Enter a title for the card and your message.
In the the first box below, please enter the heading for the card. In the next box, enter your message. It can be as short or as long as you wish. (For the technically minded, you can use HTML.) To create a new paragraph type <p> (including the < >).
Card Title 
Your Message 
Step 5: Sign your card.
Please enter below, how you would like to sign your card, for instance: Best Regards, Joe and Esther.
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Step 6: Choose some music.
Please select a song or have no music (default).
Step 7: Preview your card or start again.
Click the Preview button below to view your card before sending it. Your card will not be sent till you preview and approve it. After previewing, you can still make changes or cancel. If you wish to clear your card now and start over, click the Start-Again button.



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