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Mr. Solomon Sopher (left) joint managing trustee of the Sassoon synagogues, sent us the photograph above of three plaques which are prominently placed in the Kenesseth Eliyahoo synagogue in Bombay, India.
The magnificent synagogue was built by Sir Jacob Sassoon, in memory of his father Elias (Eliyahoo) Sassoon, who was the second son of David Sassoon, and brother of Sir Albert Abdallah Sassoon.
The three plaques from left to right are:
Left: a new plaque in memory of the late Chairman of the Sassoon Trusts, Mr. Moses Nissim Joseph Sultoon, ah, who passed away in 96 after years of service to the community.
Center: a long existing plaque in memory of the late Rev. Silas Isaac Silas, ah, who passed away in 45. He was the distinguished Hazan of this equally distinguished community for 40 years.
Right: a new plaque in memory of HR Albert Abdallah Manasseh, ah, Spiritual Leader, Chairman and Life President of the Sassoon Synagogues and Charity Trusts who passed away in 91.
HR Albert (Abdallah) Manasseh was, appropriately, the great-grandson of Sir Albert Abdallah Sassoon, as well as the father of our Hakham Yaaqob, hyw. He was also a founder of and driving force behind Midrash BEN ISH HAI.
We receive many comments and compliments about the wonderful traditional dress of the Hakhamim that our Midrash Boys Choir wear. We would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and thank the creator and designer of the costumes, Mrs. Berta Nissan.
Congratulations to: Tzvi & Suzanne Shohet, Rahamim & Janet Olaie, Mr. & Mrs. Isaac Layliev, Mr. & Mrs. Nouriel Shahkoohi, Pinhas & Faranaz Goykadosh, Moshe & Shoshanah Meirov on the births of their sons: Baback & Roya Panahbarhagh, Sass and Diana Sheena,on the births of their daughters. Mr. & Mrs. Sohail Daniel, Mr. & Mrs. Rachmano on their marriages.
Our heartfelt sympathies go out to the Yadgar and Rismani families on the loss of their mothers.
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