If you are Jewish and Single,

Midrash BEN ISH HAI organizes

regular special events for you: 


 To be notified of them you need to be on our mailling list,

      •   Singles’ Dinners
      •   Singles’ Lectures
      •   Singles’ Parties
      •   Singles’ Getaway Weekends
      •   Singles’ Shabbatons
      •   Singles’ Soirees
      •   Singles’ BBQ’s
      •   Singles’ “All Kinds of Great Events”

To be notified of them you need to be on the
Midrash BEN ISH HAI mail list,
click here.

 For information on  all Midrash BEN ISH HAI SIngles’ events, you can call:
(516) 487-6676, or email us.


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